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    CenterPilot is a web based application designed to help you completely manage the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

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    Perfect for Child Care Centers and Center Sponsors, At Risk Afterschool Sponsors, Adult Day Homes and Sponsors, Head Start Centers!

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    Centerpilot will help you manage meal production records!  You enter the numbers of children you are feeding and Centerpilot will calculate how much you need to open.

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    Centerpilot will help you completely manage your eligibility ratios.

    Centerpilot will help you fly through your review!

Center Pilot Food Program

Centerpilot is a software system developed for Centers on the Child Care Food Program. Centerpilot was designed to help reduce the time you must spend on paperwork and to help you know how much food to serve in a meaningful way, while keeping accurate records.


Easy to Manage Child EnrollmentCenter Pilot Software

  • alerts child expiration dates
  • figures free/reduced/paid status 

Easy Attendance Recording

  • generates attendance forms with names
  • option to record directly on a tablet

Easy Meal Scheduling

  • create cycle menus 
  • schedule meals with a few clicks
  • you enter your planned participation-Centerpilot tells you  how much to open.
  • print complete meal production records

Easy Receipt Tracking

  • use Centerpilot to track milk receipts/usage

Easy Claim Management

  • designed for sponsors of multiple sites
  • calculates payments
  • deducts admin fees
  • creates direct deposit files