CenterPilot is a web based system developed for Centers on the Child and Adult Care Food and Summer Food Service Program. CenterPilot was designed by CACFP experts.

CenterPilot Features

Easy to Manage Child Enrollment
  • alerts child expiration dates
  • figures free/reduced/paid status
Easy Attendance Recording
  • generates attendance forms with names
  • option to record directly on a tablet
  • use Centerpilot to track milk receipts/usage
Easy Meal Scheduling
  • create cycle menus
  • schedule meals with a few clicks
  • you enter your planned participation
  • print complete meal production records
Easy Claim Management
  • designed for sponsors of multiple sites
  • calculates payments
  • deducts admin fees
  • creates direct deposit files

CenterPilot Demo


CenterPilot Products

Sponsors for Multiple Sites
$30per site monthly
  • CenterPilot is a software system developed for Sponsors Multiable sites on the Child Care Food Program.
  • Initial Setup Fee: $375.00
  • Recurring monthly payment of $30.00 per site
  • Premium Support
Self Sponsor Sites
  • CenterPilot is a software system developed for Self Sponsored sites on the Child Care Food Program.
  • Initial Setup Fee: $40.00
  • Recurring monthly payment of $40.00 per site
  • Annual maintenance of $40.00 per year
  • Premium Support
Summer Food Program
$200Flat Fee
  • CenterPilot is a software system developed for Summer Food Service on the Child Care Food Program.
  • Annual Flat Fee: $200.00
  • For For each additional site: $40.00
  • Premium Support


The Lewis Chatman Academy

When I came to Center Pilot I was so overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork that I had to do as a sponsor. Angela Young was like my own guardian angel. She took the time to explain the  program to me. She even had her technical support create a new report for me which was challenging because I am in New Jersey and they have a whole different set of regulations than the other states. Needless to say, I am extremely happy with the service and time saving reports that I was given.

Felicia Harrell

El Paso Human Services

El Paso Human Services, Inc. began using Center Pilot in 2019 after using another computer software program for CACFP operations for several years. Our agency sponsorship consists of 80 daycare sites. We needed to transition these facilities from the current computer program to Center Pilot in a span of a few months. To our surprise the transition went smoothly, thanks to the staff at Center Pilot who helped make the move easier than we anticipated. Angela Young, VP of Operations, at Center Pilot assisted with us every aspect of the transfer which made it easier for our sponsorship and our centers to start using their software. Angela also offered our facilities, as well as our staff, hours of training as needed, while we were all becoming familiar with the program. The training, guidance and technical assistance continues to this day. Center Pilot has turned out to be a “user friendly” program that meets all of the CACFP program requirements. El Paso Human Services, Inc. is pleased to have made the change.

Susana Reza

Garden Ridge Preparatory School

We have been using the services of CenterPilot for processing our CACFP food program since 2017. I can’t say enough about the excellent service they are providing to us. To start with, we found their software to be quite user friendly and intuitive. Moreover, they were excellent at helping us to set up food program on their system and trained our staff so, we were up and running on their System in no time.But, the best thing about CenterPilot is their professionalism and responsiveness. You can always get a hold of someone when you call. Moreover, Angela Young who is the VP of the Operation of the company personally has helped our staff many times, when they ran in to some technical problems with the food program. She was particularly instrumental to guide us through our Food audit last year and helped us to navigate through audit very smoothly.We highly recommend this company to any one that is looking for an easy to use software to process the food program with excellent technical support and responsiveness.

Paris Masrour

Lubbock Adult Day Center

Our company really loved CenterPilot. The one part that really stands out is the customer service. From setting up the menus all the way to help with CACFP audits, CenterPilot was nothing short of remarkable. Never did one email or phone call  go unanswered. CenterPilot, especially Angela Young, always went above and beyond for our company.

Inge Kitchens
Financial Coordinator / Lubbock Adult Day Center


Centerpilot helps us manage over 120 centers. We use their training tools, especially the Task Manager, to help centers stay tight on compliance. Now, instead of spending time teaching Kitchen Math, we spend time helping sites create healthy menus. The embedded time/date stamp report feature helps our centers complete corrective actions when necessary (ya know what I mean?). The document upload feature helps us keep monitor documents, receipts, and enrollments all in one place which really helps us all to keep working, even from home. Our sites use the direct message feature when there is no time for a call or email, and they appreciate our responsiveness! We have been using this system for over 15 years, and they never stop listening to our input and enhancing the product. We really do fly through our claim!

Linda De La Garza
VP Operations / Nutriservice, Inc.

CACFP Sponsor

I have been a sponsor with the CACFP food program for over 13 years and have used quite a few different record tracking systems in the past. This system, by far, has the best customer service and technical assistance out of any of the systems we've utilized. CenterPilot staff goes above and beyond to make sure this software fits the needs of our program and our centers. I cannot tell you how many times I have mentioned that "it would be cool if we had this feature" and within a few weeks they have made it happen. Any time I need help with anything, they are just a phone call away. I cannot say the same about other systems we have used in the past. This software is also very competitively priced and very easy to get approved in your CACFP budget. Also, if you are thinking of switching, they make it super easy to transition your centers into their program; along with offering trainings and assistance to your sponsored centers. Again, we are absolutely satisfied with this product and would recommend it to anyone who asks.